What is PATH?

PATH- Positive Approaches Towards Health- is a health and wellness program designed to help you to enhance your health and well-being. As a healthcare organization, Lexington Medical Center wants all staff to lead and maintain healthy lifestyles. The organization offers this free and confidential annual “check up” to each staff member to better enable you to make informed health decisions. By participating in PATH, possible serious health conditions can be prevented or identified early.

We strongly encourage all employees, volunteers, chaplains and employee spouses/partners to take advantage of this opportunity to have your labs done with us at PATH. A similar blood panel at your doctor’s office would cost you at least $200.

Women’s Imaging will continue to offer an annual mammogram to women over 40 during their birthday month. Be sure to call 791-2486 to schedule your free mammogram.


Contact Information: Path Hotline - 936-7126